Why Use a Proofreader or Editor?

Clear writing is the cornerstone of any project, report, PowerPoint presentation, email, or marketing campaign.

You are an expert in your field and you know it inside out. But when it comes to making sure that a message is clear, many people are not sure how to use the written word to their best advantage.

However, clear writing makes your ideas come alive by allowing you to skillfully and succinctly convey yourself to others.

Clear writing expresses that you:

  1. Are competent and have something valuable to say
  2. Are a professional in your field
  3. Value how your work is portrayed to your readers and/or customers
  4. Respect your readers to not make them read messy grammar and punctuation errors


Unclear writing confuses readers, so make it easy for people to understand your message. You have something important to say, so make sure they understand it the first time around!

Readers want to be able to easily understand you; they don’t want to struggle because of unclear or ambiguous¬†writing to figure out why they should listen to you!

Whether we like it or not, we are all judged on how we present ourselves and our work. So rather than fighting it, keep this in mind and present yourself and your organization in the best light possible!

Make it dead easy for people to understand your message.

Therefore, I assist you by:

  • eliminating typographical, grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors;
  • systematically analyzing and refining word choices in context;
  • revising awkward sentence structures;
  • eliminating redundancies and the use of the passive voice;
  • providing formatting and document spacing assistance;
  • bringing greater clarity to your writing by eliminating ambiguities;
  • making ideas more coherent and cohesive.


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